After a long career in different fields of marine ecology Hanneke Baretta-Bekker started in March 2010 her own company BarettaBekker – Marine Ecology

The objective is to provide independent expert services in the area of management of aquatic systems and the abatement of eutrophication and pollution to govermental and applied science institutes. The emphasis is on the North Sea and its estuaries, including the Wadden Sea.

Hanneke has experience in advising management and policy makers related to the WFD, MSFD, and OSPAR, modelling of marine ecosytems, editing of scientific manuscripts, teaching. 

Through her work in EU projects, international meetings for the WFD, MSDF and OSPAR, Hanneke has built an extensive professional network.

The company is run by Hanneke, with Job Baretta as advisor and quality assurer.




Water Framework Directive 

Mariene Strategy Framework Directive 


water quality



ecosystem knowledge

nutrient dynamics

primairy and secondary production 

food webs

carrying capacity

ecosystem approach

benthic-pelagic interactions